Our Campus Renewal Project

Rock Spring has made the commitment to "rejoice, renew, re-imagine" our campus by renovating the narthex, Neighborhood House, and administrative areas, as well as purchasing a new sound system and Reuter pipe organ.  See the progress by taking a "walk" around the campus with Kathy each week. 

Update October 30, 2017







Update October 20, 2017







Update October 6, 2017








Update September 29, 2017









Update September 22, 2017 







Update August 2016

See the organ being made! 

It's a really beautiful instrument. See the pictures to the left. The first picture is what you see from the sanctuary.  The second picture is the console. The third picture is the really beautiful Tromba (a rich, choral reed pipe) in the testing room. The largest pipes are made of copper for strength. There are a couple of especially interesting and excellent things about these pipes (like the little boxes that look like bird houses at the bottom of the big pipes). If you're interested, ask Ed about them. The fourth picture shows the "innards" with some of the pipes in place. You can see the Great division on the left and the Swell division on the right. That's what will be behind the screens in front of the sanctuary.

Latest News

Advent is the season of preparing ourselves, our families, and our homes to welcome and celebrate Jesus’ arrival. This year, all Rock Springers are invited to begin their preparations at an “Advent Event” hosted by the Youth of Rock Spring.

“Gloria, in excelsis Deo!” Come hear the Rock Spring Sanctuary Choir perform John Rutter’s “Gloria.” This piece gives a contemporary and joyous interpretation of the centuries old latin text.