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2017 Sermons

E.g., Sep 21 2017
Speaker Title Date
Rev. Dr. Kathryn N. Dwyer The Invoice for Love Sep 18 2017   
Rev. Sid Lovett What Are You Going to Do About It? Sep 10 2017
Rev. Dr. Kathryn N. Dwyer The Art of Blessing Sep 3 2017
Rev. Dr. Kathryn N. Dwyer The Renewal Project Aug 27 2017
Rev. Laura M. Martin Changeable Aug 20 2017   
Rev/ Drew Ensz Surprise Party
SERIES: Other Voices
Aug 13 2017
Minister Tonia Heggs God Has a Plan
SERIES: Other Voices
Aug 6 2017
Rev. Dr. Sharon Stanley-Rea Abraham's House Guests
SERIES: Other Voices
Jul 30 2017
Rev. Laura M. Martin Sow, Tend, Gather Jul 23 2017   
Doug Hallward-Driemeier What Does God Have to Do With It?
SERIES: Other Voices
Jul 16 2017
Rev. Laura M. Martin Yoked Jul 10 2017   
Rev. Nancy McDonald Ladd Blessings and Burdens
SERIES: Other Voices
Jul 2 2017
Dr. Leonard L. Hamlin. Sr. The Power of a Storm
SERIES: Other Voices
Jun 25 2017
Sister Simone Campbell Bread of Justice
SERIES: Other Voices
Jun 18 2017
Rev. Diana Butler Bass Two Commissions, One Command
SERIES: Other Voices
Jun 11 2017
Laura Martin, M.Div. June 5, 2017 Jun 5 2017
Laura Martin, M.Div. Pentecost May 28 2017
Rev. Dr. Kathryn N. Dwyer The Way May 14 2017   
Rev. Dr. Jim Antal Defiant Hope
SERIES: Other Voices
Apr 30 2017   
Rock Spring Congregational UCC Laura Martin Ordination and Installation Apr 23 2017   


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How do our internal preferences influence the way we operate in the outside world?

500 years ago this month Martin Luther nailed his 95 these on the church door in Germany and started the Protestant Reformation.  What does mean to be a Christian?  Who gets to be in charge?  Is God mean or kind and loving?  Are we all saints or all we all sinners?  What about money?

by Laura Martin

The reality is that I too have

Authored your pain.

I laid a blank piece of paper down

When you needed me to respond.

I chose the shortcut.

I learned complicity,

Learned to move quietly in my privilege,

Learned to let the doors open for me

Before walked inside.

I inherited fear

And did not unlearn it.

In fight or flight, I flew.

I confess all this.

And I commit to hearing

The raw stories,

To letting your vulnerability

Chafe me.