School of Tai Chi

Meets every Monday
Upper Neighborhood House

Relax into 2017 with Tai Chi at Rock Spring Church

New classes begin on Monday, January 9th, see below…

 Tai chi Chuan is an ancient exercise, which embodies China’s most profound concepts and principles of health and movement. It offers true harmony between body and mind.

 Done slowly and gently, tai chi movements have been shown to calm the emotions, focus the mind, and strengthen the immune system. It helps us relax, improves our posture, and strengthens our legs and balance. It keeps us younger as we grow older!

 The School of Tai Chi Chuan has held tai chi classes at Rock Spring continuously since 1978. With your help, we’ve taught many thousands of people this ancient art.

 We are now renewing our longstanding invitation to Rock Spring Church members to join us.  Classes meet on Mondays and are held in Carpenter Hall.


5:00 – 6:00 pm Monday, Jan. 9th

Tai Chi for Health and Healing and Introduction to the Beginning Form

(reserved for Rock Spring members and their family and friends)

 This one-hour class focuses on eight exercises taken from the tai chi form, plus an introduction to the tai chi form itself. Each of the eight exercises is brief and easy to learn and remember. Ideal if you’re living with an injury, illness, or disability that limits movement. These eight exercises form the foundation of a solid introduction to the first third of the form as well. The cost is $175 for 12 one-hour classes. Try the first class without obligation.


 7:00 – 7:30 pm Monday, Jan. 9th

 Tai Chi for Health and Healing

 This half-hour class covers the eight health and healing exercises, but without the introduction to the form. Think of it as pure tai chi principle. It gives you all the health benefits of tai chi, but without having to learn the form. The cost is $75 for 12 half-hour classes. Try the first class without obligation. If you’re signed up for the 7:30 class, this class is included.


 7:30 – 8:30 pm Monday, Jan 9th


B1: Beginning Form, first third

Here, we dive straight into the form at a beginning level. Learn the first third of the tai chi form, from the opening to cross hands. No prerequisites. New students welcome. Try the first class without obligation. Cost: $175 for 12 classes. Heath and Healing is included.



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Latest News

Everyone will have noticed by now a slow-down in the project. This is due to our main contractor, NKB, walking off the job on August 1 and informing us by letter that they could not complete the work.

On September 10 at 10:00 a.m., we will welcome guest preacher Rev. Sid Lovett for a service focused on peace and specifically the important work of the US Institute for Peace. Following worship, join together for a congregational lunch to catch up with the Rock Spring family after the summer.

by Laura Martin

The reality is that I too have

Authored your pain.

I laid a blank piece of paper down

When you needed me to respond.

I chose the shortcut.

I learned complicity,

Learned to move quietly in my privilege,

Learned to let the doors open for me

Before walked inside.

I inherited fear

And did not unlearn it.

In fight or flight, I flew.

I confess all this.

And I commit to hearing

The raw stories,

To letting your vulnerability

Chafe me.