Memorial Service Reception

August 5, 2017 - 3:15pm to 5:00pm
Carpenter Hall

Howard Hjort passed away peacefully at Virginia Hospital Center, surrounded by his large, extended family.   He had been hospitalized for COPD and pneumonia.

Howard was a dedicated member of the church, known for his tremendous commitment to social justice.  He was involved in advocacy for a range of social issues, from LGBTQ inclusion to hunger relief to a just peace in Israel/Palestine.  He served on many boards and committees and was busier in retirement than many people are working full-time.

Howard was known for his thumbs-up sign when he liked something, his humor in all circumstances, and his tireless commitment to following in the way of Jesus.

His memorial service will be held on August 5 at a time to be decided. In lieu of flowers, his family will ask for contributions to a cause that Howard cared about; that information is also coming.   

We can be in ministry with the family by offering meal support through August 5, to sign up click here.  Cards can be sent to Marinetta Hjort and his family at 700 Park Ave/Falls Church, VA 22046.

May we have some salty nuts, watch BBC News, write Congress, or take someone out for coffee in his memory.

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