Faith + Life Adult Education

The Faith + Life series provides opportunities for adults to expand their faith formation. Each week, we will offer a different series, ranging from Bible studies, to spiritual practices, to conversations about what our faith has to say about current events. The class meets from 10:00-10:50 a.m. Child care is available in the nursery.

1st Sundays: Bible Basics: the New, New Testament. Join Janice Langholz to explore the context of Christianity’s development, both through the books we know currently as the New Testament and others that were left out. Today, October 1: Explore the Gospel of Thomas.

2nd Sundays: Where Is God In... Join Dale Dwyer for a conversation about a current hot topic and how our faith might influence our response.

3rd Sundays: Bible 101. Linda Carder will lead this class that goes “behind the scenes” to put Bible stories in context, adding historical and sociological background, beginning with the story of Abraham. Advance reading will enhance your experience, but is not required. 

4th Sundays: Spiritual Practices in Daily Life. Gail Burnaford coordinates this class that will help to uncover the spiritual in everyday practices such as writing, needlework, song, and being in nature.

Sundays, 10:00 a.m., Hunter Room 205

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