Faith + Life: December

1st Sundays: Bible Basics: the New, New Testament. Join Janice Langholz to explore the context of Christianity’s development. On December 3, we will finish the Gospel of Thomas, and look at the trouble the early church had in deciding how, or even whether to, have one common list of books, called a “canon,” that would comprise the Bible. This process probably took about 600 years! 

2nd Sundays: Where Is God In... The Middle East  Rev. Dr. Mitri Raheb writes, “Jesus was born in occupied Palestine, Palestine was under Roman occupation. How can we understand the historical Jesus without understanding what occupation means, does, and how it controls life in its entirety?” Join Dale Dwyer on December 10 for a discussion on the issues of occupation, oppression, and standing in solidarity with those who are oppressed.

3rd Sundays: Bible 101. Linda Carder goes “behind the scenes” studying the history, culture and faith of the Hebrew people. On December 17, we will begin the book of Exodus. Advance reading of chapters 1 through 15 is recommended.

4th Sundays: Spiritual Practices in Daily Life. No class December 24. Join us in January!  

Sundays, 10:00 a.m., Hunter Room 205


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