Plot Against Hunger

Did you know that Rock Spring has a Plot Against Hunger? We have garden plots dedicated to growing food that we harvest for AFAC, for hungry families in need. And now Rock Spring’s gardens are GROWING in several ways! Thanks to the big tree pots and an Eagle Scout project, the garden space is growing. Also, radishes, peas, and beets are growing. So, it’s time to recruit garden helpers! Watering, weeding, harvesting, and delivery are the main needs. Please sign up for a week or more on the calendar in Saegmuller Room or contact Becky Halbe or Judy Johnson. New to gardening? Help is here! Please contact the main garden tenders, Judy Johnson and Becky Halbe, at (Judy) or (Becky). 


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The next phase of the campus renewal project will begin on Monday, July 24 and will impact most of the first floor of the main building. During the upcoming week, staff offices will be relocated to the second floor of the Hunter Building, as will meeting spaces for boards and other groups.

During our first gathering, we talked about hymns and how we found our way to Rock Spring. What theological questions or wonderings do you have? Cafe Kindred offers food and alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks for you to order and enjoy while we meet if you choose.

by Laura Martin

The reality is that I too have

Authored your pain.

I laid a blank piece of paper down

When you needed me to respond.

I chose the shortcut.

I learned complicity,

Learned to move quietly in my privilege,

Learned to let the doors open for me

Before walked inside.

I inherited fear

And did not unlearn it.

In fight or flight, I flew.

I confess all this.

And I commit to hearing

The raw stories,

To letting your vulnerability

Chafe me.